22 January, 2015

The Rope Wall Yoga Studio... a space for laughing, breathing, stretching and healing

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the space... 
fully equipped
underfloor heated
inversion wall
garden setting
small classes

class content...
A course is typically 12 weeks. We work on and off the wall to stretch and strengthen.
We generally start with a couple of spinal traction poses on the rope wall, options are given to build up to these slowly with less inverted poses like Downward dog shown here

We move to the mat for the rest of the class and end with a restorative pose to rebalance the nervous system. Followed by lying still for 5-10 minutes to allow the body to absorb the work it has done, occasionally in the form of yoga nidra (yogic sleep)

Weekly repetition of one or two more challenging poses runs through the course, demonstrating improvement in balance, strength and flexibility required in the pose.

Reiki treatments are availble for £45 an hour. Reiki helps shift energetic blockages that can build up, due to held physical or emotional tension.

Private sessions also available based on £60 an hour for yoga or a combination of yoga and reiki. 


dinesh lohar said...

Very informative and unique tips dear. Thanks for sharing :)
Lovely Read!

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REBECCA jones said...

It’s good to know about these yoga classes. Yoga is truly very beneficial for health but it’s a slow technique. That’s why I am considering chiropractic for my depression treatment and visit a local Streetsville chiropractic clinic next week.

Ellie Wilson said...

You should also consider that serotonin is produced in your gut and look at the health of your microbiome

diya said...

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The purpose of yoga is to unite mind, body and spirit

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