Reiki originated in Japan and so is the Japanese word for energy. Reiki works on an energetic level which in turn can effect the physical or mental level.


45 mins £35
1 hour £45

Reiki can help with headaches and general relaxation. People often say they feel lighter, recharged or calmer after just 5 minutes of reiki with me.

1 hour £65

yoga-reiki is a private lesson where you can receive a reiki treatment either at the beginning or end of the lesson, which enhances your relaxation before or after your yoga session. The yoga postures also help move 'prana' the yogic word for energy) around the body, making it more receptive to a reiki treatment. Likewise if the reiki is done at the beginning, it helps to relax the body, preparing it for stretching and opening yoga postures.

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Smith said...

Being lifted to a more the cannons at work edified level of understanding and mending makes your Reiki dominance more useful to you and the general population around you whom you can touch and recuperate.

The purpose of yoga is to unite mind, body and spirit

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